9 Days of Gratitude: Gains from Life’s Setbacks.


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Most people who knows me say that I am a woman of strength, that I can take anything life pitches at me. Partly it may be true, but there is a struggle in putting up a cheerful face and a jolly perspective when all you are, is a shattered glass trying to glue the pieces back together.

My life is my family and my marriage. I had so much faith in the sanctity of it, I pledged to give whatever it takes to make it last a forever. I’ve always believe that what my husband and I shared was the best there could ever be. But reality strikes in by revealing some dark secrets bearing a huge influence to our union, it made me believe that life was  ever so cruel. I asked, why me?

“Life is a cruel teacher, She love to give you the test first and the lessons later.”

I had the opportunity of meeting some old friends today, and one of my friend shared the most fascinating story, it made my personal journey a much lesser challenge in comparison. And so we celebrated freedom, freedom of a mother and child who had suffered so much in the hands of a selfish soul. Her fight through all her challenges increases more confidence each time, every small step makes her astute and resilient. She cited that dexterous planning, the aptitude to modify and a courageous heart helped won her battles. Listening so intently, I realized some lessons from her story.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change.”

Every one encounters each individual setbacks, an obstacle and challenge creating our life some living perdition. The difficulty of each problem varies uniquely in our gifts and capacities to handle each one. Realize its persistence, to hone and improve, making a superior version of weaker self.

“That which does that not kill us makes us stronger.”

Let us be thankful for each opportunity to rise up from the challenge because it is made for a reason, it is there for a purpose. See the good side of every bad situation, fight each battle victoriously. Open your eyes and heart for every new possibility because it is uniquely designed for your gains.

“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering.”


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