9 Days of Gratitude: For Good Education.

We are very grateful for my parent’s determination to send us off to finish university degrees.

My father specifically tells us that, “the only inheritance we can give you is a good education.”

True to his words, he was able to achieve his goals and produced eight accomplished graduates. A winning trophy and prize for the years of hard work and persevering. Hand in hand with my mother, they were able to surpass all the financial difficulties they had to battle.

Nikki being the eldest, is a licensed civil engineer employed by the government and in search for her creative self through writing.

Johnny, is Senior design Architect in one of the high rise property developer in the country.

Cha-cha graduated a course in business management, is taking pride in her entrpreneur skills in arts and crafts novelties.

Jing took up business and accounting, she was fortunate enough to work in one of the counties biggest petrol company, plans to become a licensed accountant eventually.

Amel is a licensed nurse and is now pursuing her passion for photography.

Khaye finished her course in political science, took it to the next level by taking up a law degree and now awaits the bar results.

Popoy being a licensed engineer, working as a Mall manager in our locality.

And Makie our youngest, is a Marine engineer travelling to and fro on a cargo vessel.

We have been blessed by a responsible and loving parent, we look up to them as inspiration to keep striving and motivated towards the achievements of our written goals. Also, they have become an inspiration to others and the rest of the clan, a proud moment for us all.

The process of imparting knowledge, skill and judgment never stops, be it acquired formally or informally. Education could be one persons basic right or a God given privilege, let us all be thankful and appreciative for this wonderful opportunity.


One thought on “9 Days of Gratitude: For Good Education.

  1. Amen to gratitude for a good education!! Pursuing mine brought me joy, in addition to knowledge, and I use it every day. Congratulations to you and your siblings for completing a university education. It’s a huge accomplishment.


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