9 days of gratitude: Sufficient food and water.

photo of a toast
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Most people have a little or just enough food to feed themselves or their family. Although, some of us who were blessed enough to have more, lacks the appreciation of such bountiful table.

For a family of 10, having a complete and decent meal was a challenge. My father’s pay as a casual employee was not enough to provide for our daily needs, and so at night time, he also drives a tricycle to get us by. My mother on the other hand, stays at home and ensuring that we are properly cared for.

Basically, rice has always been part of each meal in our region. During the hardest days, a cup of rice mixed with a little bit of soy sauce for taste, or maybe a serving sprinkled with a little bit of sugar makes our delightful lunch or dinner. In much better days, a piece of hard-boiled egg divided into 6 parts or a small can of sardines is shared among each other. Finishing it up with a glass of drinking water making some a full, happy and contented tummy. On special occasions, we were appreciative to have share some slices of apple and a few pieces of grapes, enough to celebrate the holiday season with bliss.

Our parents worked their hardest to provide for us and taught us a one valuable lesson, an appreciation for the simplest blessing. Having been exposed to these situation made us grateful and appreciative for what we have. It also trained us to strive harder so that one day we may be able to afford those delicious and sumptuous meals available today.

So, on the second day of the nine mornings, I acknowledge the gift of food and water. No one will ever survive life on earth without this basic need.

(This is a late post by the way, since i have to take care of my child, who has been sick since yesterday. Get well soon baby.)


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