9 days of Gratitude: The pleasures of nature.

Given the overflowing responsibilities, contributing badly to our day to day busyness and anxieties, we tend to have forgotten to delight ourselves with life’s simple pleasures. The hustle and bustle brought about specifically by the holiday season is physically and emotionally draining and also crowding our mental capabilities. How about, we set aside the things keeping us occupied, stop and breathe in, go out and appreciate the beautiful nature of our surrounding.

Let us allow satisfaction to our wandering souls within, with the magnificent colors of the beautiful sunrise and the most romantic view of the setting sunset. Listen to the relaxing music of the singing birds, the calming whispers of the ocean waves, and the murmuring breeze of the cooling wind. Enjoy the lovely sight of the morning dew kisses onto each blossoming flower and springing greens around the garden.

We albayanoes are blessed to have lived in this wonderful location so very close to nature, with the picturesque backdrop of the mezmerizing Mayon volcano, the thick green forest of mountains in between, the clear flowing water of falls and rivers and the swaying leaves of the yellow colored rice fields waiting for harvest. Look out a little farther and be inspired by the serene and mystifying sea and ocean that is aquamarine. Inhale its beauty and stir the soul within!

Our province being one of the most calamity prone spot in the region, we are highly visited by the most treacherous typhoons, floods, earthquake and volcanic eruptions. But because of this past experiences, we have developed an understanding of the enigmatic beauty and life threatening danger it delivers. We, as a living witness had learned to appreciate the calm and blessings after every catastrophe, a resiliency in which we are truly grateful.

So, keep calm and appreciate its best of a wondrous landscape. Find time away your busy timetable and look beyond those heartaches and struggles.

This third day of the Rooster’s Mass Devotion, I am indebted for the unrestricted pleasures of inexplicable beauty mother nature has offered.

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