Making love with Jordan’s.

woman wearing white high top shoes
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Strolling down the mall, it seems that prices for commodities is on a spike on this side of the planet. As much as I’d like to buy him a new head to toe outfit for his upcoming holiday gig, I couldn’t afford one. I refrained from getting my son a new pair of kicks thus also keeping in mind the now brown and nasty, white Nike Air Jordan 11 limited sneakers that I have purchased a few months back.

Early the next day, I was having some doubts on the proper way of cleaning it. As shoe enthusiast once told me to preserve those shoes for it is like considered, the term “holy grail of Jordan’s”. I don’t exactly know what it meant but it must be of significance.

Shrugging off such doubt, I decided to act on my scheduled task in which making it tidy and pearly white in time for the gathering.

I took the bucket, placed it under the faucet and started to fill it up with water. I took the shoes started scrubbing it with soft brush and detergent, after putting on some muscle the stain wont come off easy.

So then i had the most brilliant idea, why not use bleach!? Now these is something i have been doing in all history of my shoe laundry experience.

I took the shoe and soaked it in the bucket filled with water and bleach! Bleach, you heard it right.

The pungent smell of the liquid in the laundry room bothered my sister, she looked around, the moment she saw the kicks, she went all crazy. Running upstairs and asking who made such foolish idea. So i responded grinning; “I am the fool! why what’s the matter?”

She answered on a bit of a higher pitch; “Dont you know that washing it with bleach qnd detergent will turn the white color yellowish and thus making the fabric crack when it dries?” Shocked as I was, run downstairs took it out of the water as fast as I can to save me from the foolish thing i was.”

“So, what am I supposed to do now?” I asked. She replied; “Go get a toothpaste and brush it with instead? The proper way to clean the sneaker is by scrubbing it with toothpaste just like your teeth.”

Ilooked at her questioningly; “Really? Becquse i need to make it look pearly white just like the way i bought it. And grin.

With a little bit of hesitation, I did follow her instruction and then Voila!

“So, thats the proper way of making love with your kicks.”


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